Tractor Bloom Tractor Flower Field Trash Truck 56 Ford Air Stream Ameri Quest b25 Boat Bridge Bradley Cement Truck Corvette Country Bike Crop Duster Dark Tree DC3 F102 Farm Tools Front Yard Tractor Good Year Airship Horsierides Jet Shadow Lock Heed 12 Loco Motive Longhaul Old Sttratr Single Tractor Summer Tractor Tank Telescope

This photographic series is my attempt to draw out the beauty and passion from everyday objects that come alive during my controlled lighting at night.

By carefully composing and lighting these real-life objects, and with the help of volunteer photographic assistants, I´m striving to interpret them as metaphors for values of character, honor, integrity and pride, exemplified by the people who work with this equipment on a regular basis.

Through my photographs I strive to share with the viewer the passions enjoyed by our fellow countrymen. Whether laborer, professional, volunteer, corporate CEO or just a guy who owns a cool, old pickup truck, we all share this American experience together.

Eric Curry